Blacktail Ranch (Wolf Creek, Montana)

Hospitality at the Ranch | Staff Highlight: Jodi, kitchen manager and head cook

February 17th, 2021 by Caitlyn Allen

Hospitality—true hospitality—is more than having a huge staff scurrying about taking care of things on a property, checking people in and out, cleaning rooms, and preparing food.

When you think about it, authentic hospitality can be felt by guests; there is no faking it.

We are blessed with a staff that loves the Blacktail and our guests as much as I do. Several of them have been with us for many years and I want to share more about each one with you in the coming months. If you’ve been with us before, you’ll recognize their smiling faces. And if you’ve not yet visited with us but are planning on it, we hope you’ll consider these notes a kind of an introduction from each of them. A peek inside the other side of the Blacktail from the people that know it best. Today, we are sharing from Jodi, our kitchen manager and head cook.

Jodi, kitchen manager and head cook:Jodi Elrod, Ranch Kitchen Manager and Head Cook

“The Blacktail Ranch is the perfect place to be employed, I should know; I’ve been there nearly half my life!

For the past 30 years here, I’ve worked in such a beautiful place. I’ve been able to see all the wildlife you would expect: bears, cougars, moose, elk, deer, even a wolverine once when I was driving in early one morning. Tag and Sandra respect this wilderness, and keep the footprint as small as possible.

My favorite place (besides the kitchen) would be down by the creek, on the bridge looking down at the rushing water. It’s relaxing, beautiful, and inspiring all at the same time. Sit down and hang your feet over, wow, maybe have a glass of wine. Can’t beat that!

My other favorite place is the Hideout, a cabin up the creek about five miles, which leads me to my favorite activity here—the Divide Ride! I’ve done ‘the divide’ three times—it’s spectacular. A full day of horseback riding in the most beautiful countryside anywhere, two nights of socializing with guests and staff, eating delicious ranch meals–one never forgets this experience!”