Blacktail Ranch (Wolf Creek, Montana)

Spirit of the Horse: Yoga Discovery Weekend


Spirit of the Horse: Yoga Discovery Weekend

September 12-15, 2019


Come and join Pamela and Daniel in this sharing between horse and rider. Learn to communicate, to find balance, and move as one with the horse.

Through a combination of physical and mental preparation and interaction with the horses of Blacktail Ranch, this weekend of discovery will offer the opportunity to build personal character- guided by the spirit of the horse.

All levels of riders and Yoga practitioners are welcome and encouraged.

Please contact Pam at 406.452.9642 or 406.799.3557 with questions or to register.

The Discovery:
    • Learn foundations, ground work, and build toward horse and rider moving as one.
    • Understand cues from the horses, and develop communication techniques.
    • Release anxiety and fear through connection with the spirit of the horse.
    • Restore or build confidence with and around the animals.
    • Setting out on the journey, including a Saturday afternoon ride and cave meditation.


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The Guides:

Pamela Joe Quinn, eRYT500, has been a yoga teacher in Great Falls for over 20 years. She is also a certified yoga therapist through the IYT Joseph LePage program for  the last 15 years.  She works with people facing life with many challenges, including those with cancer, heart disease, M.S., chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and brain injury. She also prepares women for childbirth.  Pam also carries a Montana massage therapy license and is a cranial sacral therapist, and through these combined practices, she applies her knowledge and passion to help others empower themselves to be a part of their own healing.  Her special passion and application of the traditional practices of yoga and advancement and creation of new innovative programs helps others to uncover their own place of peace and healing. Pam has deep love for horses, and a passion for creating a safe space for others to heal.


Daniel Burggraff began his journey of horsemanship on the iconic Rocky Mountain Front. Dan’s enriched knowledge in western riding started through family, who homesteaded 5 generations ago in cattle country. In his hunger for learning all facets of the horse, he has gone on to be a certified farrier and a well-known wrangler for the Blacktail Ranch. He is also an athlete and competitor, as he studies and practices Brazilian Jujitsu, and rides in events like penning, sorting and skijoring. He takes a lot of pride in his horse training, and trains for many local Montanans.