Bird Watching

Montana Birding along the Pacific Flyway

If you like “birding” you’ll love the Blacktail Ranch. Birdwatching is a fast growing recreation due to the enjoyment that comes from being outdoors, the satisfaction of learning about nature, and the pleasure of the “hunt” with our eyes. Blacktail Ranch is located along the Pacific Flyway, the major north-south route for migratory birds that extends from Alaska to Patagonia. The broad range of habitats on the Blacktail, from cliffs to riparian areas, open meadows to pine slopes, provides nesting and feeding areas. With each of the seasons we see a wide variety of bird species, making our location ideal for Montana bird watching.

At least twenty-one species of raptors breed along the Rocky Mountain Front, including nine species of owls, eagles, peregrine falcons, Ferruginous hawks and goshawks. We have large populations of songbirds as well. In the peak of summer our hummingbird feeders are a flurry of activity from sunrise to sunset. It is highly entertaining!

For additional information on Montana bird species, please view the Montana Audubon Official State Bird List.

Photos of Montana Bird Watching at Blacktail Ranch