Horseback Riding

Experience Unlimited Horseback Riding in Montana

How about riding off into the sunset or greeting the morning sunrise? Riding horses at the Blacktail Ranch is one of the West’s most iconic experiences? It is one of a few vacations where you unplug and tune into the spirit of the outdoors and the grandeur of nature as you enjoy some of the finest horseback riding in Montana.

From the beginner to the more experienced rider our herd of 35 (or so) well-trained horses will provide you with a mount suited to your abilities. Our experienced wranglers will take you along a variety of terrains for guided rides providing an enjoyable riding experience for all.

We offer unlimited riding time. You choose how much you would like to ride each day. We can take you out for a few hours ride or we’ll pack a lunch and plan a whole day’s ride. There are plenty of areas to explore and lots to see all around the ranch – north to south and east to west you’ll discover the pleasure of scenic horseback riding in Montana.

Note: Our weight limit for riding is 250 pounds. Children 4-7 years may be led on a horse at the barn but may not go on extended rides. Women in late pregnancy will not be allowed to ride.

Photos of Horseback Riding in Montana at Blacktail Ranch

“My daughter and I have visited the Blacktail Ranch for the last twelve years and have always had a great time… Most of all, we enjoy the horseback riding – each ride is unique because of the scenery, each horse’s personality, the weather, tales associated with sites along the way, animals we see and who is on the ride. We have done cattle drives, ridden along the continental divide, seen great sunrises and sunsets, experienced the big sky as well as rain, snow and hail and we have enjoyed it all.” Ranch Guest from Cincinnati